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What if you believed that joy could be a part of your daily routine despite your current circumstances? What if you didn’t have to wait for your next beach vacation, dream date or job promotion to experience authentic joy? 

Are you ready to stop claiming depression, anxiety, indifference or complacency and replace them with a joy that overflows? Let’s get started together!

Allow this to be your hub for all things authentic joy. The goal is to challenge you to fight for a life marked by joy and to practice it daily.

“Honest to Goodness Joy is an awesome book, full of life changing ideas that are presented in easy to understand ways. Great stories, clever illustrations and space to write. Definitely made some changes in my life as a result of what I learned. Setting Non-Negotiables and Bridge Moments are not to be missed.

– Nancy Tarantino

By Daira Avery Traynor


Shift Your Mindset

Change Your Thinking

The Power of One Word

Change Your Year

Celebrate Small Wins

Change Your Routine


What you will find.

Daira aka “The Joy Girl” is committed to helping you find joy through a variety of resources. From uplifting posts, inspiring quotes, and helpful advice on topics such as relationships, career, and personal growth—this is your one stop shop for more happiness.

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