“Daira’s engaging questions and infectious energy created an enjoyable and insightful conversation. Her wealth of great stories is not only entertaining but holds the power to help people find genuine joy in their lives. She possesses a unique ability to connect with her audience and inspire them, making her a true joy to collaborate with.”

Daira’s story is unique

Her upbringing was far from ordinary because her dad traveled as a rock n roll drummer. She found herself in 14 different schools before graduating. Through all of this, Daira came to understand the complexities of finding a sense of belonging.

Inspired by her father, she decided to pursue a career in music by signing with Disney. 

However, life took her down unexpected and challenging roads. Daira faced significant hurdles, including both of her parents battling cancer and the tragic loss of her best friend to suicide.

In the midst of these trials, Daira discovered a profound passion for inspiring people and guiding them away from the pitfalls she once confronted. Her experiences have shaped her and ignited a deep commitment to empower the next generation.

We believe that Daira’s message can profoundly benefit your audience. Her ability to connect with people, inspire change, and instill a sense of purpose is truly exceptional. Daira is not just another speaker; she’s a genuine mentor who speaks from the heart and understands the challenges people face today.


“Daira Avery Traynor possesses an incredible gift for not only captivating her audiences but also leaving a profound impact on their lives. Her ability to connect with teens and inspire them is truly remarkable. On a personal level, I’ve witnessed Daira’s mentorship firsthand. She has not only spoken to audiences but has also touched the lives of my own children. 

Her work has left a lasting impression, and my daughter and son have consistently praised her for the valuable insights, practical skills, and newfound motivation they’ve gained from her sessions. Daira has a unique talent for empowering young people, equipping them with the tools they need to navigate life’s challenges and become better, more resilient adults.”

“Daira Avery Traynor is a true gem in the world of motivational speaking. I recently had the privilege of working with her on a project, and it was a remarkable experience. What struck me the most was her ability to turn personal experiences into relatable, impactful stories. Her message is not only inspiring but also deeply moving. Daira’s talks are a testament to her dedication to making a positive impact, and I believe her reach should extend even further. 

Working with Daira was a pleasure, and I would eagerly recommend her to anyone seeking a speaker who can not only engage an audience but also leave a lasting, positive impression. She is a force of inspiration and change.”



For over a decade, she has been mentoring audiences from all walks of life, addressing critical topics such as:

Teen Cyber Safety

Daira is a dedicated proponent of teen cyber safety. In her concise and engaging talks, she raises awareness about online risks and equips young individuals with essential strategies for safe internet navigation. Daira empowers teens to protect their digital well-being, ensuring a secure and responsible online presence.

Goal Setting

Daira has amazing skills to help set goal setting. In her succinct talks, she underscores the importance of setting clear, achievable objectives and offers practical strategies to turn dreams into reality. Daira’s engaging guidance inspires individuals to identify their passions, plan their paths, and unlock their full potential to reach their aspirations.

Drug Prevention

Daira is a passionate voice in drug prevention. Her concise talks emphasize the significance of making informed choices and steering clear of substance abuse. With real-life examples, Daira raises awareness about the consequences of drug misuse and empowers individuals, especially young adults, to lead healthier, drug-free lives.

Teen Suicide

Daira is a passionate voice in addressing teen suicide. Her heartfelt talks shed light on the sensitive issue and offer support for those struggling. Daira’s words provide hope, encouragement, and resources for individuals to recognize signs of distress, seek help, and contribute to suicide prevention in their communities.

Bully Prevention

Daira is a dedicated advocate for bullying prevention. Her concise and impactful talks address the importance of empathy, kindness, and creating a safe environment. Daira’s engaging approach equips audiences with tools to prevent and address bullying effectively, fostering a culture of respect and empathy in schools and communities.

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